Monument Construction and Design by Dorsey Memorials

Dorsey Memorials is detail oriented memorial design and engraving company dedicated to providing a design-focused service for public and private memorial projects.

Dorsey Memorials is now under new ownership with regular store hours, weekdays 10-4, & Saturday 9-noon.

We are ready to serve you for any memorial needs, including cemetery lettering & memorial stone cleaning and maintenance.

Private or Cemetery Memorials

Public Memorials and Monuments

Let us help you create a lasting memory

We offer the following services:

Headstones & Grass Markers

Cemetery Lettering

Cleanings & Maintenance

Custom designs & Styles

Boulders & Irregular Shapes

Bronze Memorial Plaques

Laser Etching

Granite Statuary

Benches & Urns

Commercial Granite Signs

Veteran’s War Memorials